We have been juggling for over ten years and we enjoy it very much. The goal is that our performance entertains you, the spectators. We have prepared a fire show performance and a light show performance where juggling meets fire and light in synergy with extraordinary costumes and face masks, that draws audience into the wondrous world.

We are also working as juggling instructors, cooperating among others with Cirk La Putyka Studios. Apart from juggling workshops for every occasion and any age group we offer a special juggling workshop as a team building activity. Let us get you engaged in juggling.

Fire and light performance

Let become spectator of magic fire and light dance and unique costumes. Become a spectator of Firejokers show.

Juggling – a team building activity

Juggling can exercise the body and the brain of your team. Juggling program tailored as team building activity.

Juggling worshops

Fun and learning a new skill for kids, adults and elderly. Both indoor and outdoor activity suitable for public and private events.

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ing., Hana Davidová

tel: (+420) 604 595 064

Tomáš Hála

tel: (+420) 739 038 428


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