Juggling workshops bring strong experience for participants of any age. Individuals, groups or families can engage in this uncanny activity where there is a lot of fun and personal development involved. Juggling workshops are great addition to small or big parties or events such as birthday party, company party, music and cultural festivals, school events and many others. Prior to agreement a workshop format and a dress code, make-up of instructors is possible to adjust accordingly to your needs.


  • active entertainment exercises your body and your brain
  • no previous experience with juggling needed
  • great variety of activity (various props and juggling events)
  • juggling balls, clubs, spinning plates, poi, hula hoops, staffs, flower sticks
  • we can provide props for up to 100 participants at one moment
  • workshop adjustable for shorter or daylong events
  • dress code and make-up adjustable to your needs

Price of juggling workshop

Base price of juggling workshop is 8 000 Kč (approx. EUR 335). That counts for 3h juggling workshop with 2 instructors. 1 000 Kč (approx. EUR 40) for any extra hour. We charge transportation fee of 5 kč / km (appro. EUR 0.20). Any extra cost for costumes will be charged upon agreement.