Combining modern juggling, special effects and self-made unique costumes that is the Firejokers show. Choreography, fitting music and manipulation with light or fire props are the key elements of our performance, where we focus on engaging the audience.

Firejokers are professional artist with experience performing at public and private events, festivals, parades and conceptual show both in Czech republic and abroad

Chateau Mcely, Ještědská odysea, Mighty sounds, Hell party, Komerční banka, Papkov s.r.o., Polná v plamenech, festival Bio, Obří loutky – Plzeň, Imaginácie (Slovensko), Sea Shepherd, Šladami singera (Polsko), Hilton Prague Old Town.

Fire show

The Queen emerges from the dark. Maybe she is the ruler of a wild element or maybe she is a servant. Fire has uncertain shape. It spins in the cloud of sparks, creates shapes, in lyrical dance flickers with thousands of lights or instantly wildly flare. Maybe that is how Joker puts a spell on another soul.

Fascinating lyrical show full of beautiful music, passion and fire suitable for any occasion. Let your self be enchanted by the magic of flames and experience breath holding moments.

  • Name: Queen & Joker
  • Performers: 2–4
  • Length: 12–25 min.
  • Venue: outdoor and indoor (please contact us to check the site suitability)
  • Price: starting at 14 000 Kč (approx. EUR 550)